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I started placing invoice factoring business in 1996 and in the years since then have found funds for many businesses with a significant number of long term, mutually beneficial client relationships.

Business has been placed with over 30 different funders with facility sizes ranging from £10m down to £25k.

I have no ties with either an accountancy or insolvency business so am not compelled to work on a reciprocal basis, consequently prospective clients will receive a full market evaluation.

You can learn a little bit more about me either via my


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or by going to the about us page.

If your business needs any help with finance, be it invoice, asset, banking etc etc, feel free to call 07966 492154 or email enquiries (there’s a gap between enquiries & @ to avoid the dreaded spammers so you cannot simply link through, sorry!)

Based in the West Midlands at Stratford-upon-Avon I will happily review any existing facility on a no obligation basis. So if you are looking at invoice finance or considering a change there’s nothing to lose in calling or emailing.

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Specialist, independent, commercial finance broker.