How to Select an invoice Financier

An invoice financier will develop a close working relationship with your business and can be instrumental in its success or otherwise so it is worth spending time on the decision and evaluating a number of options.

Chances are your bank will be the first call. All the major UK banks offer, mainly through one of their subsidiary’s, invoice finance and in many instances choosing your bank will be the safest and most appropriate option.

There are a significant number of options available, not just in the number and type of provider but in the range of facilities, including the newer alternative funding sources such as peer-to-peer, auction finance, supplier finance and so on.

If settled on the idea of invoice finance, again there are options and service levels to consider. With bad debt cover or not, disclosed or confidential, all customers or just some and so on and so on.

This is where a good, independent, broker can help. Experienced and well connected are essential qualities but so is independence. A broker should be free from ties and should make any introduction based on what is best for the client not best for the broker.

I have placed business with over 30 different financiers and am free from the type of tie which means I can only utilise a few funders, I can and will access the entire market