The week completed, 24th October 2014

Anecdotally business confidence seems good and noises from the Bank of England suggesting Base Rate will stay at 0.5% for some time yet enables businesses to access finance at predictably low rates.

We are talking to a business looking to import some high value equipment from the USA and asset finance rates look encouraging. If rates were 4-5% higher then this business probably would not be considering this purchase.

We have a formal quote to a print business with interest on funds utlised to be charged at 2.5% above base rate. Its a confidential facility with a commission charge of 0.3% equating to a monthly fee of under £700.

The issues with managed service providers and their impact on timesheet businesses rumble on and have been added to by a further enquiry.

Two full days spent in the second city have brought really contrasting views on the current status on two of the UK’s main high street banks

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