Business Sayings – and what they really mean

found these the other day

We’re on a manufacturing learning curve. (We cannot get the product to work)

It’s too early to tell. (Results so far are grim)

Basically on plan. (Revenue short by 25%)

Our business has a long selling cycle. (We haven’t found a customer….yet)

We are investing in R & D. (Desperately trying to catch the competition)

The business is being re-positioned. (We’re writing off a massive amount of money)

We are somewhat below plan. (We are miles away)

The ingredients are there. (you never know, with a bit of luck & a following wind)

Well below plan. (It’s a complete disaster)

Closed for staff training. (Nobody’s turned up this morning)

The cheque’s in the post. (Oh no it isn’t)


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