The week completed, 21st November 2014

From an enquiry point of view a strong week, especially in comparison to recent, quiet, weeks. Some interesting new prospects to progress offset by the first decision deferred by Christmas, a traditional year end event that affords decision makers a perfect opportunity to put a decision on hold.

As with last week many phone calls made and many businesses spoken to, most seem satisfied with current funding. Few complimentary words for the banks in general terms and RBS in particular must be getting fed up with a seemingly constant stream of fines being imposed upon them.

The Bank of Englands Monetary Policy Committee revealed that their November vote on Base Rate was 7 :2 in favour of keeping the 0.5% rate. The two who voted against proposed an increase to 0.75%.

The web site appears to have been found by spammers as opposed to google , time will tell whether the anti-spam measures work!