The week completed, 9th January 2015

A surprisingly busy week for the first week back after the Christmas & New Year break, whether this sets the tone for the year on not only time will tell.

A couple of interesting construction finance needs and a sizeable commercial property requirement added to by a business with a predominant export sales ledger. Further progress with a peer to peer requirement adds to a varied week demonstrating the capacity to offer far more than simply invoice finance. It also indicates the variation in finance available.

Of the enquiries currently being considered a High St bank is only involved with one.

Concerning news of an invoice financier taking a materially significant fee when a client banked a customer payment incorrectly. At a time when lending practices are being closely scrutinised, both commercial & personal, the scale of charge, in this instant, seems inappropriate.

The Bank of England has kept Base Rate at 0.5% and if this remains the rate in March it will have been at this level for 6 years. It would be interesting to hear if those who set the rate back in March 2009 would have anticipated it being at the same level 6 years on.

In looking at matters financial the excitement knew no limits on discovering that 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p and 50p coins make up a regal coat of arms!!

coat of arms coins