The week completed, 6th February 2015

After last weeks tedium came a far more exciting (probably too strong a word) and productive week.

A very illuminating day with Market Invoice learning about their alternative finance offering. They present a cost effective, flexible alternative source of finance to businesses supported by strong operational systems to look after investors funds.

I’m told they have provided finance in excess of £100k as little as 90 minutes after first contact.  This speed of response and allowing businesses the flexibility of financing specific invoices is a real departure from the whole turnover requirements usually imposed.

This week we came across some huge differences in credit insurance limits. I have a potential client who sells to one major customer, a name with which many readers would be familiar. Suggested credit limits ranged from £15k to £200k, suggesting either one particular credit insurer knows something the others do not or is unrealistically conservative.

Credit Insurance provides good cover over one of a businesses major assets i.e outstanding debtors, so often overlooked when it comes to insurance. It is worth shopping around for cover and there are specialists is this sector. Premiums vary considerably with 0.2% to 1% being the type of range found.

Issues over payment policies to suppliers rumble on and an investigation was announced this week into Tesco’s treatment of its suppliers. A queue is now developing of bodies looking into Tesco’s over an assortment of allegations. Maybe they could gain themselves some strong publicity by agreeing to pay suppliers to a mutually agreeable term and set something of a precedent with other large buyers at the same time.


And so to Cardiff……..