The week completed, 13th February 2015

The tedium of a couple of weeks ago is but a distant memory as this week replicated last in being busy with some new enquiries. Talking with many invoice finance companies this week suggests there has been a real pick up in enquiry levels across the board, after a generally pretty quiet January.

The invoice finance world received a new single invoice funder this week with IGF entering this market. This type of finance is proving popular amongst businesses as it has a flexibility not evident in the more traditional whole turnover facilities favoured by the majority of invoice finance providers.

Rates vary pretty dramatically so it is worth looking around. Funding can be put in place very quickly and if a business has a strong, valid debt due by a creditworthy customer it may be worth exploring.

What businesses do have is access to a whole range of facilities some of which will suit and some wont. With this range comes the need for advice, there’s plenty of good advice about from experienced people but do ensure the adviser is genuinely independent.

Interesting to hear the Governor of The Bank of England this week talk about the possibility of inflation turning negative later this year and even if that didn’t happen continued low inflation may lead to a reduction in interest rates.

Base rate has been at 0.5% nearly 6 years now so the Bank doesn’t have too many options downwards….one of the reasons many say rates have been too low now for at least 2 years.


And so to Twickenham…..