The week completed, 20th February 2015

Not as busy as the last couple of works, attributable, probably, to half term.

The range and type of businesses being spoken to is broad, from a construction related business looking to fund a particular project, a metal fabrication business, a couple of recruitment businesses, a distributor of specialist bikes, a drinks distributor (see below), all are looking to raise additional or replacement working capital.

In all cases we have on the books at the moment it would seem likely their bankers would, in all probability be able to assist, but in all cases alternative funders are the most likely winners. They are competing on price and are moving the transaction forward at a pace with which the banks cannot keep up.

Additionally the banks are suffering from collective reputational damage. This is further compounded by failings in relationship banking where few businesses are able to name their relationship manager let alone get hold of her/him.

If all the transactions currently pending convert to actual business then just under £2m will be injected into UK businesses. Funding for viable businesses with workable ideas is available from a variety of sources be they conventional or alternative. Rates are low, in comparison specifically to those of a few years ago. What acts as a handbrake is still confidence as a general term in describing a businesses outlook on future growth.

The time seems appropriate to concentrate on the drinks distributor…….