The week completed, 6th March 2015

A week dominated workwise by lengthy discussions with an overseas business looking to sell product into Europe,  not including the UK, and seeking funding and administrative support. A challenging case but subject to certain conditions one that should end successfully.

Less successful, depending which way its viewed, centred around a client and a new, potentially lucrative, order. In short, the client was approached by a potential new customer, a newish business with limited information available. Unfortunately a bit of detective work revealed a number of bust businesses in the background with creditors left with next to nothing.

The episode shows the merit in research which in this case sadly diluted the initial excitement in winning a new customer. It may still work but will involve a pricing change and a significant amendment to terms to include a large deposit.

The week ends with a visit to the capital and a dinner at The House of Lords, hopefully I will remember which way to hold a knife and fork.