The week completed, 20th March 2015



A week that appears to have gone by in a blink of an eye and hopefully the efforts put in will result in a number of business finance issues being resolved. An interesting assortment of businesses have been spoken to this week from a kitchen utensils & equipment distributor to a construction company specialising in the refurbishment of night clubs.

As mentioned in previous blogs funding is available for viable businesses managed by individuals with appropriate intent. One business that has crossed my desk this week displays none of the latter and has a history of relationships with funders that have not ended well. It comes as no surprise that funders are now wary in this case and, quite rightly, have declined any involvement.

Enquiries for invoice finance have been evident this week although my own experiences as a broker are anecdotal and not necessarily reflective of the market as a whole.

The backdrop of the forthcoming election is not currently casting a shadow over businesses and the possibility of a state of limbo, immediately post election, is not a deterrent to decision making. The budget seemed to leave many none the wiser and as usual it would seem the devil will be in the detail which will only materialise in time.

As the election campaign gathers our elected representatives appear to behave in a less edifying manner each day. Its always worth remembering that you can tell a politician is lying very easily simply by seeing if their lips are moving.

I have had dealings with 2 MP’s over issues that affected business finance and the lack of commercial and common sense they displayed was quite staggering. I expect further evidence of their collective lack of sense will be in plentiful supply over the next few weeks.