The week completed, 2nd October 2015

One of those weeks where very little happened in the world of Factoring Partners through a combination of losing a couple of days to ill health, a pretty flat invoice finance market and some new arrivals.

A decent proportion of what was left of the week (after taking into account the ill health and the contents of the photo below!)  was spent with two, unrelated, businesses. Coincidentally both are UK registered companies but effectively ran from overseas, in one case mainland Europe and the other the Far East.

Both seek specific finance and I suspect one will go through to completion whilst the other has access to virtually free funding through a local related business so will progress no further.

Although largely managed from outside the UK funding remains possible reflecting the commercial manner in which the lenders are viewing the propositions. In both cases the work undertaken for customers creates a strong debt, in the UK, and its from this that lenders derive comfort. The fact that the Directors are mainly based overseas is manageable.


Avid readers of this blog will remember the sad news of our previous Guide Dog Brood Bitch posted on 26th March of this year. Our second, Darcy, gave birth to her first litter consisting of 8 puppies so the limited activity caused by the flat invoice finance world is more than made up by the new arrivals.

The Guide Dogs charity is a fantastic cause and the work these puppies will ultimately undertake is extraordinary. For the time being, and there’s another 3 weeks before they head off to start their puppy walking year, they act as a magnet to visitors and a distraction to the world of Factoring.