Weekly Factoring Blog, 4th December 2015

Predictions 2016

Factoring Partners, Weekly Blog

Traditionally the invoice finance world slows up in December in the same way as August, (although having said that conventional timings have changed over recent years and historically quiet periods can be busy and vice versa)

Consequently Factoring Partners are planning 2016 and, as usual, finish the year with a request for readers 2016 predictions, covering 5 questions, with the winner, next Christmas, receiving the usual liquid prize.

Its the first time its been done via the blog so not many entrants expected equating to a good chance of winning, assuming you get at least one question right.

1) What will the Bank of England base rate be on 24th December 2016?

2) What will be the value of the FTSE 100 index at close of business on 24th December 2016?

3) Who will be Prime Minister on 24th December 2016?

4) Who will be President (elect) of the United States after next Novembers election?

5) How many Gold medals will GB win in the Olympic Games next Summer?

email your predictions to predictions@factoringpartners.co.uk

Last years predictions were for Base Rate, FTSE 100 Index, Prime Minister, RWC Winners & top of the Premiership at Christmas this year.  Current likely winner is looking like a Mr.Matthew G from Norfolk, correct with PM & RWC winners &  closest with base rate & FTSE index predictions although his optimistic and presumably slightly biased belief that Norwich City would be top of the Premier Division this Christmas is looking ambitious.

A couple of entrants are equally close on Base Rate & the FTSE index but predicted Ed Milliband (remember him) to be PM.

All those who predicted that Base Rate would still be 0.5% now should take relish in knowing they have out predicted a panel of ‘expert’ economists.