Factoring Partners Blog, 7th January 2016




2016, globally, doesnt seem to have got off to the best of starts. The news remains filled with either natural or man made disasters and financial markets appear to be in freefall.

The nature of our existence tends to be a parochial one so there’s an understandable tendency to concentrate on issues as  they directly affect, rightly or wrongly, prioritising them over the global picture.

Consequently the invoice finance world begins 2016 in an optimistic way and Factoring Partners has seen a couple of small enquiries unexpectedly arrive at satisfactory conclusions already.

Business confidence, anecdotally, seems reasonable and this view is reinforced locally in Coventry & Warwickshire with a recent survey by the Chamber of Commerce with respondants saying they are more confident this year than any previous year in the last 10.

Being a little cynical I wouldnt take a lot of notice of this kind of survey as most people tend to begin a new year in a relatively optimistic frame of mind and it represents the chance for a local newspaper (and blogger) to fill a bit of otherwise empty space, but nevertheless its encouraging!

Its clearly far to early to say the first week of 2016 is in anyway representative so I’m left with an item on my own work related wish list for the year ahead, ignoring the obvious.

LinkedIn,  has its use in tracking the frequent moves of invoice finance employees but I’d like an end to the seeming endless supply of trite and tedious business (and general) sayings some people seem to enjoy posting. It wont happen of course and someone, soon, will post some absurdity like the longest journey beginning with a single step.