Factoring Blog, 26th February 2016

Factoring Partners Blog, 26th February 2016

Choices for Business, but are they all good?
Choices for Business, but are they all good?

After a weeks break the office re-opened to a couple of good invoice finance enquiries over which a number of funders are fighting and a satisfactory outcome, at least for the prospective client, is assured.

Many businesses looking for finance will use the web as a starting point for their search. In previous years a Bank Manager may have been the person to whom a Director may have turned but that seems, for many reasons, no longer the case.

The web is an astonishing tool and any business using the search term ‘Factoring’ will be met by a staggering array of possible pages to visit.

Some query answers are disingenuous with the page simply being an automated enquiry distributor bringing no benefit whatsoever to the searcher. The consequence for the searcher is that their details are circulated to a number of different funders with the resultant sales calls. As little or no thought is applied to this process the Director of the searching business may find him or herself wasting a great deal of time.

Businesses need quality, independent advice and the web does not help in this but simply offers information through which the Director has to wade. Those sites claiming to be brokers are all too often fronts for either lead generation services or insolvency/accountancy practices with a whole different set of motivations.

Factoring Partners can boast many years experience, a whole market view and independence from any third party. We also tend to get results!

Away from work the news is ruled at the moment by our involvement, or otherwise, within Europe. My own view is that we should stay within Europe and this will be expanded upon in another blog! Lucky readers!