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Yet again we have a week overshadowed by atrocities that put everything else into a different context.


As a general rule businesses will normally take the path of least resistance and when it comes to decision making,  deferring any decision is the norm until the need becomes so intense that the process is effectively forced.

Christmas and summer holidays provide businesses easy routes to deferring decisions and this week we came across a first from a company considering its re-financing options. ‘We wont be considering any finance alternatives until after the in/out Euro referendum in June’ was the message.

With this business the result of any referendum and the subsequent consequences will be of no more than academic interest but the point being is that there’s an excuse to maintain the status quo within the business as far as funding support is concerned.

In this particular instance the business has identified opportunities which cannot be exploited through a lack of finance, the ‘standing still’ option til post referendum (when the summer holiday season will provide the next excuse) is effectively going backwards!

As you can tell its not been a pariticularly fruitful week but at least there’s a 4 day week end to follow.