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Factoring Partners blog, 12th May 2016

Spring time in Spain

This weeks blog is brought to you from Barcelona so the week is again shortened. Having said that the Barcelona trip involves an invoice finance client so the topic of business finance will undoubtedly be discussed.

Away from Spain the highlight of the week has been the tenacity demonstrated by an invoice finance representative who has battled, against many obstacles, to push a deal for a client over the finishing line. I have a feeling a number of people may have walked away from the deal.

In being an invoice finance broker for 20 years I have spoken to many sales representatives across all sizes of invoice financier. A key characteristic that marks the successful ones out is tenacity. Assuming all have the ability to grasp the fundamentals of invoice finance (and that is by no means a given, based on some of the ones I have met over the last 20 years) it is those who display a terrier like tenacity in holding onto a deal that meet success.

The experiment with adwords continues and the number of searches remains a surprise, click throughs to the Factoring Partners site are not, as they say in cricket, troubling the scorer – much.

Back to Barcelona…………