Factoring Partners blog, EU Referendum

Factoring Partners blog,  EU Referendum special! 10th June 2016

In or Out
In or Out

With less than two weeks to go and the referendum debate now affecting business decision making processes I may as well stick my view in, to go with the 60 or so million others.

As a starting point its always sensible, in whatever decision making process being embarked upon, to seek advice from serious people and this decision is no different.

Prime Ministers (present & past), European leaders, and The President of The United States all support our continued membership of the EU. Outside Politics, and by inference, The Governor of The Bank of England and the head of The World Trade Organisation support staying in. There are significant UK business people also advocating remaining a part of Europe. Collectively this is heavyweight opinion.

To exit the EU we are expected to take opinion from Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, George Galloway & Nigel Farage among others from the world of politics. There are serious business people suggesting leave such as Lord Bamford (JCB) and the leave campaign are also keen to use celebrities like Sir Ian Botham & Edward Fox.

If no other method is used in gauging how to vote, the weight attached to those supporting the remain campaign is seriously mismatched against those seeking an exit.

My own work and business experiences are as nothing compared to the international knowledge all of the above possess but I have 30 or so years of working with UK based businesses in a finance raising capacity. This involves getting closely acquainted with a business, their hopes and aspirations, as well as their selling and buying markets.

All these experiences lead me to the firm belief that we are significantly and materially better being a part of Europe than not. Economically its a straightforward decision. There are emotional factors, the leave campaign keep repeating, which have an impact obviously but which we would be better able to address and contribute to as a part of Europe.