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Julian Straker


Julian Straker has worked within the UK business finance  market since 1987 during which time many hundreds of businesses have been helped with their funding needs. Widely connected, particularly within the Midlands and South, Julian has the capacity to quickly identify funding issues and then resolve them through the right funder introductions.

‘Back in the 1980’s, post degree,  I trained as a commercial credit analyst, reviewing business finance proposals and learning to interpret balance sheets. In 1987 I joined the invoice finance industry with Credit Factoring International, spending nearly 10 years with them in London and then Birmingham.

In late 1996 I set myself up as a broker and have fundamentally been pursuing that activity ever since. I fervently believe in the strength of alternative finance facilities, in whatever guise, as supporting UK businesses. Recent years have seen new additions with the ‘alternative’ tag, including peer to peer lending. Having worked closely with a leading facilitator of p2p loans I have a unique understanding of p2p – when it’s appropriate and when it isn’t’

Completely independent, Factoring Partners can offer clients, both existing and potential, an appraisal of the entire business finance market, enabling the most informed decisions to be taken.

Away from work Julian can be found pounding the tennis courts around Stratford-upon-Avon, being generally miserable about being a Crystal Palace fan,  or annoying his wife.


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Independent commercial finance broker. Working with businesses since 1996.