Asset Finance

For businesses managing cash carefully financing asset purchases over a period of time can be very advantageous. Not only is cash preserved but there can be tax benefits too, depending upon the manner in which an asset is financed.

It is not simply new assets that can be funded but existing business assets can be re-financed providing another source of finance.

Factoring Partners help find finance for asset purchases

Rates vary considerably and whilst the asset supplier may be able to offer facilities it may be worth looking round for quotes.

Whatever the asset being bought, there may be options available, feel free to contact us directly. Over the years asset finance has been sourced for both new and used assets, with an enormous array of different assets funded, from printing presses to cars, from diggers to computer equipment


cars, Factoring partners have helped many businesses finance cars & vans



Firstly, we act in your interests to secure the best finance deal.

Secondly, we will talk to over 20 different UK funders.

Thirdly, we dont charge you! We are paid by lenders for successful introductions so you genuinely have nothing to lose by speaking to us.

If you need an asset to help your business and the asset is valued over £10,000 chances are we can find a financier to help.

There are many ways to contact us from email to phone as detailed above to the chat box.

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