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Factoring Partners can help...
Factoring Partners can help…

FACTORING PARTNERS has been helping businesses, large & small, raise working capital since 1996.

WE also work with Accountancy Practices to help their clients raise finance, supporting clients whilst reducing non chargeable work.

TO many businesses their accountant is the first call to be made when new or replacement finance is needed. If these calls mean more work for little reward then maybe our alternative can help. We can offer your client a whole market view, comparing facilities, rates and security requirements.

AS brokers with 20 years experience we have helped many businesses raise finance. Our network of commercial finance contacts enable multiple quotes to be sourced giving prospective borrowers the best route to finance.

THERE are 4 REASONS why you can safely refer work to us:-


  • 20 years commercial finance experience, covering all aspects of working capital
  • We are independent of lenders, presenting more funding options at the best rates.
  • We are independent of any Insolvency Practice, so have no restrictive referral ties.
  • We are independent of any accountancy practice, so there’s no conflict of interest





Our experience of all aspects of working capital finance and knowledge of lender criteria enables informed and not speculative introductions to be made. Awareness of rates and security requirements minimises time wasted.



Because we have no ties to insolvency or accountancy practices where reciprocal business drives enquiry destinations we can offer clients the entire range of commercial finance providers. Our client base enables benchmarking of lender performance against client expectations.



We make no charge to your client, being paid by lenders for successful conversions. Lenders pay introductory commissions and to all intents and purposes levels across the lenders are the same. Your client is under no obligation to accept any introduction made.

Independent commercial finance broker. Working with businesses since 1996.