Finance to help your Business

Factoring Partners can save you time & money!
Factoring Partners can save you time & money!


Over 20 years trading Factoring Partners has helped hundreds of businesses raise all manner of business finance. The chances are that a viable, well managed business will be able to source finance itself, without the help of a broker such as us. However, our knowledge of the market, the funders and, crucially, their credit policies means we can save you time and consequently money.

We dont charge clients being paid by funders for successful introductions so there really is nothing to lose by talking to us!

Examples of the types of finance raised are as follows

Asset Finance

Need a specific asset and want to pay over a fixed period with fixed repayments. You can also refinance existing assets.

Credit Control

Not strictly raising finance but if a business takes an average of 10 days off its normal collection period then the impact is the same – more cash in the business

Credit Insurance

Again, not strictly raising finance but can certainly help keeping it. Worried about customer bad debts, then insuring them is the sensible, cost-effective option.

Equity Finance

You dont have to go on Dragon’s Den, sell a part of your business in exchange for equity


Use outstanding sales invoices to give your business a secure working capital facility


Usually centrally backed facilities, very geographically dependant.

Invoice Discounting

As with factoring, use your sales invoices to raise finance, but this is a confidential facility so your customers won’t know!


Familiar and predictable repayments aver a set period. Many different types and providers.

Peer To Peer Finance

Funding to both businesses and individuals not from conventional sources but from individuals and groups.

Spot Factoring

Dont want a long term relationship then spot factoring is the answer. Access finance against specific invoices as and when needed

Trade Finance

Need help buying in from overseas to service a specific order then trade finance can solve the problem



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