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Invoice Factoring Blog, 15th April 2016

Please follow the link at the bottom of the page to sign the Guide Dog petition
Please follow the link at the bottom of the page to sign the petition about Guide Dog access to businesses and public areas.

Whilst this week has not exactly been overrun with enquiries those that have appeared have been in sectors not traditionally associated or liked by the invoice finance market.

Not too many years ago businesses that sold to other businesses were restricted within invoice finance by providers ignoring certain sectors that were perceived to be of a higher risk. Construction was an obvious one and then individual financiers had an idiosyncratic approach that sometimes precluded sectors favoured by others. By way of an example, one bank would not consider, for invoice finance, any business within the watch market.

Now, both with an increase in the number of funders and a more commercial and innovative approach to risk, invoice factoring businesses will consider virtually all categories of business. Domestic or export makes no difference and the nature of the debt created will be explored fully to find a way to raise finance.

But, and its a big but, not all financiers are the same and whilst many will say they will do something the reality can be very different. This is exactly where an independent broker can assist. With 30 years industry experience and nearly 20 years broking we do know which invoice financiers deliver on promises and which ones dont


Away from work there has been more coverage this week of businesses turning away Guide Dog owners because their dog was not welcome. This is against the law and undermines a Guide Dog owners confidence in a profound way. If you have a minute to spare the Guide Dogs for the Blind would like as many people as possible to sign their petition, www.guidedogs.org.uk/AccessPetition

The week completed, 9th January 2015

A surprisingly busy week for the first week back after the Christmas & New Year break, whether this sets the tone for the year on not only time will tell.

A couple of interesting construction finance needs and a sizeable commercial property requirement added to by a business with a predominant export sales ledger. Further progress with a peer to peer requirement adds to a varied week demonstrating the capacity to offer far more than simply invoice finance. It also indicates the variation in finance available.

Of the enquiries currently being considered a High St bank is only involved with one.

Concerning news of an invoice financier taking a materially significant fee when a client banked a customer payment incorrectly. At a time when lending practices are being closely scrutinised, both commercial & personal, the scale of charge, in this instant, seems inappropriate.

The Bank of England has kept Base Rate at 0.5% and if this remains the rate in March it will have been at this level for 6 years. It would be interesting to hear if those who set the rate back in March 2009 would have anticipated it being at the same level 6 years on.

In looking at matters financial the excitement knew no limits on discovering that 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p and 50p coins make up a regal coat of arms!!

coat of arms coins